Why do I need to do this? Prior to registering your business (company, partnership, cooperative society or sole proprietorship) first you need to approve a name for your business.
Where can I apply for the service? You may apply online or in person at
How long will the process take? Same day as date of application (Day 1).
What are the fees and charges involved? None
Which documents do I need to submit?
  Document Check for:
1 Name search application form •  All required fields filled correctly

•  Proposed business names in order of preference (up to 5)

•  Signature

How do I apply for the service? Day 1:

1.   Lodge application at counter

2.   If proposed business name is in order, receive approval of business name search.

3.   If none of the five business names are approved, submit new application with up to five new options for a business name.

What would I receive at the end of the process? • Name search approval stamped with official Ministry seal.



Did you know: • You need to approve a business name if:

(1)   You want to establish a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Company or a Cooperative Society

(2)   You have already established any of the above businesses, and wish to use an additional business name to represent your business

• The approved name is reserved for 14 days after which Ministry cannot guarantee its availability if the name is not registered.

References: • Business Registration Act

• Business Registration Regulation


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